What exactly is the Meta Presidents NFT?

Take a seat in the Oval Office of the metaverse and keep an eye on the red phone. The Meta Presidents NFT is an exclusive collection of 7,777 unique NFTs launched on the Solana network. Meta Presidents revolves entirely around presidents and, of course, presidential power.

The inaugural launch of as many as 7,777 presidents is just the very beginning. The fundraising from this launch goes directly to the expansion of Meta Presidents. This enables early birds to create immediate value with their investment and provides new participants with an interesting metaverse to be a part of.

After the launch

Ladies and Gentlemen, honorable members of Meta Presidents, this will be the union’s future. Needless to say, it doesn’t stop at just Meta Presidents. We expand on everything ‘presidents’ are known for and who belongs to their inner circle. Meta Presidents is dedicated to adding the entire presidential entourage, with absolutely everything you can imagine that is relevant to being president.

We provide meta first ladies, meta dogs, and everything else that comes with the presidency and the status of a president. To ensure the growth of Meta Presidents and that the community derives real value from the project and from owning the NFT, we are building an entertaining play-to-earn game as well.

You are the president of your nation

Mister President, you are in charge. Inside your part of the metaverse, you are the head of the nation. Owners of one of our NFTs get a piece of land in the metaverse. You determine the legislation of your country. You can establish diplomatic relations with other players. In other words, you can forge powerful alliances and declare war on others.

For instance, it will be possible to plunder the treasuries of other countries. In the process, the Meta Presidents team puts money into these treasuries so that if you win, you will be richly rewarded. Thus, you can reap the benefits of your in-game achievements in real life. So be shrewd in forming alliances and declaring war on other players.

Outside the metaverse

You benefit from a big stick policy beyond the metaverse. Being a Meta President is only complete by having benefits outside of the metaverse. You will receive VIP status at international events, a powerful network for your own business and career, and of course, the opportunity to get a lot of value out of your NFT.

Ever-expanding possibilities

Meta Presidents will, naturally, include many more features and possibilities. This is how we keep old players happy and animated and attract more and more new people to our metaverse. This will ensure that more and more value is created, particularly for those who are quick to join.

For this reason, you would do well to keep an eye on the website or become part of the Discord Server. Do you still have questions about Meta Presidents? Then contact us, and we will help you as soon as possible.

Our Roadmap

Election time
The 'elections' are in full swing. This is your moment to get your hands on one of the 7,777 exclusive NFT Meta Presidents. Don't hesitate because this is your opportunity to step in at the perfect time. Fortune favors the bold!
The results are in
Do you have one of the Meta President NTFs? If so, you can look forward to many benefits and an ever-growing power in the metaverse. We are not just adding everything related to the presidential residence, such as first ladies and dogs, but we are also committed to working hard to grow the community.
Economic policy
As Bill Clinton once said: It's the economy, stupid. In order to get more value out of your NFT, we will make sure that you can exercise real presidential power in the metaverse. We will create a game in the metaverse where you can form real alliances and declare war on other players. This will be an earn-to-play game, where you will win real money by achieving victories against opposing players.
Executive orders - Power beyond the metaverse
We also establish alliances outside the metaverse! For example, we are organizing international events where you, as NFT holder of a Meta President are, of course, a VIP. In addition, we are growing our community with prominent figures. This enables you to build your connections in real life by being able to fall back on a strong network.
Exclusive merch
Presidents need publicity. We produce exclusive, high-quality merch for the Meta Presidents NFT project. Ranging from clothing to accessories, all merchandise is high quality and exclusively available through us.
Expansion of the state
We continue to work on the Meta Presidents, the earn to play game, and our growing community throughout the project. For instance, people who have obtained the NFT from the start will receive more and more value. This also benefits new people in our metaverse. They are immediately given an expansive world that they become instantly hooked on.

Part 2 coming soon

What benefits does having a Meta Presidents have?

Value driven approach

The Meta Presidents team is dedicated to making your tenure as president as profitable as possible. Rather, we want you to get real value from owning one of our NFTS. In particular, the people who get in quick and buy a Meta President at launch will be able to reap the rewards. By strongly investing in a fun earn-to-play game and a powerful exclusive community, you can get value from your Meta President both in the metaverse and in real life.

Exclusive Membership

It's a big club, and you're (not) in it. By buying an NFT Meta President, You will join a large meta-community that will eventually extend far beyond just the 7,777 initial presidents. The meta-community will be expanded to include everything you can relate to presidents. These are first ladies, presidential children, houses, and palaces. Of course, the president remains from the top of the hierarchy in this picture. Therefore, be quick if you want to be at the top of this club of powerful people in our metaverse.

VIP at international events

Being the President comes with its perks. As the President, you are naturally a prominent guest at virtually every event you attend. The Meta Presidents will give you exclusive VIP treatment at tall international events. These happenings take place in fantastic venues all over the world. From Ibiza to Barcelona, you will be the VIP at all these locations.

Powerful community

As a Meta President, you have a very powerful network because there are real people behind our community. The members of your "cabinet" outside the metaverse are important influencers, investors, and powerful people. So you can turn your membership in the metaverse into power outside the metaverse. You can leverage these connections to grow your business or gain real political power.

Always adding features

We are devoted to making the community grow as fast as possible. That is why we keep adding new features to the metaverse inexhaustibly. Because of this, we continue to attract new members to increase the community and make the value of your NFTs more substantial.

Combining fun and monetization

If you want peace, prepare for war. The Meta Presidents will be developing an earn-to-play game after launch. There you can form powerful alliances and attack enemies. Can you plunder their treasury? Then you'll earn real money, too. So choose your allies - and your enemies - carefully.

Nation with your laws

Power to the President. By having a Meta President NFT, you can shape the world to your liking. Under our system, you hold power over wherever part of the metaverse you are president. You can issue executive orders as you wish.

Your own unique merchandise

Along with some top brands, we are developing exclusive merchandise. This will only be available from us and in limited editions. This merch is designed by talented artists, making it look great and worthy of a president.

A Better World

A president would naturally like to improve the world. Meta Presidents is therefore committed to donating 0.01% of the purchase price of a Meta President NFT to charity. This charity is chosen by democratically by the community. This is done so by a poll on our socials: Discord, Instagram and Twitter.
By donating a part of the proceeds to charity, we don't just make the world a better place to live, but also positively highlight our community. This will provide positive publicity to make our community more influential and the NFTs more valuable.

Who is behind Meta President's Project

Peter Team BG-min


Co-founder / Investor

Peter is one of the founders and also an investor of Meta Presidents. Three years ago, he sold his successful real estate company. This gave him the option to retire early. However, boredom struck two years ago. He became fascinated and passionate about the inner workings of the crypto industry.



Violet is the one in charge of the Meta President's design. Violet has done high-level designs for a major international company, and has an excellent reputation as an artist. Violet has made visuals for Prada, Nike, Samsung, and many other well-known brands. Nowadays, she is entirely focused on making NFTs for the Meta President community.

Sarah Team BG-min


Co-founder / STRATEGIC + marketing manager

Everything must, of course, be managed in the right direction, and we have our Sarah for that. She sold her international company in 2020 to entirely focus on the new empire of Meta Presidents. As a result, she can take the organization to a high level like no other. She is fully committed to making your NFTs much more valuable.


The Blockchain Expert & Web3 Developer

Gregory is our senior web3 developer. After graduating seven years ago, he started out working for a software company that was involved in developing state-of-the-art security software. Then, building on that experience, he further specialized in web3.


(Game) Designer

Jack has been working in the game industry for 22 years. Throughout his career, he has acquired a lot of development experience. Jack has worked on classics and hit games for the last two decades. Presently, he works with game developers at the top of their craft. However, Jack decided that the time is now to put his energy in another area, namely the metaverse.

James Team BG-min


Co-founder / Discord developer

As the owner and CEO of an international sales company, James saw that the new future lies in the metaverse world. So, a few years ago, he and his team started to study and specialize in the new meta world. Their goal is to make the Meta President's Project the best it can be.



Our Developer Mehmet has had a passion for all things technology from as far back as he can remember. He has built extensive all-around computer knowledge. We are therefore more than proud that he is part of our team.

frequently asked questions

Meta Presidents anticipates being officially launched on the 7th of March. Please make sure you don’t miss the launch by joining our Discord. We will notify you when the project officially goes online.

The funds raised from the launch of Meta Presidents will go directly into the project to further develop the community and the metaverse. This will only make your NFT worth more and ensure more people desire to have one of the 7,777 exclusive Meta Presidents.

Yes. We are committed to ensuring your NFT gains as much value as possible by strongly investing in the community and extra features. Besides selling your NFTs, you can also play the earn-to-win game and earn money by plundering the treasury of other players.

Having a Meta President NFT makes you a VIP at our international event. You also get access to a community of wealthy investors, powerful people, and well-known influencers.

The founders of Meta Presidents have successfully launched projects in both crypto and traditional business. Additionally, a rock-solid team is in place to manage the project with experience in NFTs, sales, marketing, and game development.

Meta Presidents is hosted on the Solana Blockchain. We chose this blockchain because of its security and decentralization. Solana gives an easy way to verify who owns the NFT and has lower gas fees.

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